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We have extensive experience in the recruitment of property professionals. If you are looking for candidates in real estate management, facilities management and construction professionals such as architects, engineers or quantity surveyors, we have the resources and network to help you with the recruitment. In the property sector, we work with companies such as property developers, property managers and construction companies regularly.

Here are some of the common roles we cover;

Common job descriptions in the recruitment of property professionals

Manager, Property Operations. The incumbent has understanding of the commercial performance of office and residential buildings. He or she should be commercially competent and able to fulfil the budgeting and reporting requirements.

Architects. Architects are responsible for the design of various structures such as houses, commercial and office buildings. In their design, they take into account its physical appearance, functionality, safety and environmental impact. 

Quantity Surveyor. A quantity surveyor manages the costs of a construction project. They forecast the total costs of a construction project and draw up a budget accordingly. They plan for the construction project to be completed within budget.

Structural Engineer. Structural engineers make sure structures can withstand the stresses and pressures caused by the environment and human use. To do so, they make sure the materials and designs utilized for the construction project are suitable. 

Civil Engineer. Civil engineers are responsible for designing, maintaining and improving structures and infrastructure. They oversee construction projects to make sure everything is done correctly especially in terms of technical aspects.

Sample cases of our recruitment agency

Client is an established property developer. As a developer with their own construction team, they needed help in the recruitment of construction professionals as well as legal and compliance professionals

Client is an established property investment group. We were engaged to help with the recruitment of Senior Manager of Property Operations. They needed someone with the experience of managing commercial properties.

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We have helped hundreds of employers in Malaysia solve their staffing and recruitment challenges through our unique solutions which provide our clients with immediate candidates, large talent pool, specialization and flexibility.

Immediate Candidates

We usually have candidates who are available and ready to be placed immediately for permanent or temporary positions. 

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We have a widely established network of talents which allows us to have access to top notch candidates for you. 

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There is actually more candidates for you to choose than you think. Discover more candidates who are not actively looking.

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Our community recruiters are usually candidates themselves in their respective specialization and industry.


We understand the requirements of your vacancies and most importantly, we know the kind of candidates you want. 


We can help you to adapt for seasonal, temporary or unexpected event through part-time, temporary or permanent placement.

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