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Whether you are a large corporation or law firms looking for legal professionals we can help you to look for the candidates.

Here are some of the common legal roles we cover;

Common job descriptions in legal recruitment

Legal Executive. A Legal Executive is usually an inhouse legal professional working in a larger company. They specialize in drafting legal documents, performing legal research, and liaise with respective departments on legal matters.

Company Secretary. A company secretary is a specialist in company laws and regulations and plays an important role to oversee their compliance. Company secretaries usually work in large companies, company secretarial or law firms.

Legal Associate. Legal Associates are private practice lawyers who are responsible for managing client cases. This includes gathering evidence, developing litigation strategies, and representing clients in court.

Compliance Officer. A Compliance Officer ensures that the company adhere to the relevant external laws and regulations as well as internal policies. Additionally, they work closely with management to identify and manage legal risk.

Corporate Attorney. A Corporate Attorney is responsible for managing legal administration and all aspects of corporate law practices. This involves contract-related matters, dispute resolution, and providing advice in business transactions.

Sample cases of our recruitment agency

Client is an established property developer. They needed to recruit for an inhouse legal executive mainly to deal with property legal matters.

Client is a company secretarial firm. They needed help to recruit for a company secretary with working experience in company secretarial firm.

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We have helped hundreds of employers in Malaysia solve their staffing and recruitment challenges through our unique solutions which provide our clients with immediate candidates, large talent pool, specialization and flexibility.

Immediate Candidates

We usually have candidates who are available and ready to be placed immediately for permanent or temporary positions. 

Large Talent Pool

We have a widely established network of talents which allows us to have access to top notch candidates for you. 

Passive Candidates

There is actually more candidates for you to choose than you think. Discover more candidates who are not actively looking.

Community Recruiters

Our community recruiters are usually candidates themselves in their respective specialization and industry.


We understand the requirements of your vacancies and most importantly, we know the kind of candidates you want. 


We can help you to adapt for seasonal, temporary or unexpected event through part-time, temporary or permanent placement.

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