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Foreign Language Speakers

AG Recruitment Agency specializes in the recruitment of foreign language speakers. As there are many shared service centres and multinational companies in Malaysia, there are regular requests for us to help with the recruitment of foreign language speakers for accounting & finance, data support, customer services, procurement and human resources.

We specialize in the recruitment of Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German, French and South East Asian language speakers.

Language proficiency tests that we are familiar with

Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT). The JLPT measures the proficiency of a non-native speaker in the Japanese language. It is split into 5 levels, N1 to N5, with N1 being the highest. It tests a speaker’s language knowledge, listening and reading capabilities. 

Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIK). TOPIK measures the Korean language proficiency of non-native speakers. It measures their proficiency in terms of reading, writing, listening and comprehension and is separated into TOPIK-I (beginner level) and TOPIK II (intermediate and advanced levels).

Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK). The HSK or Chinese Proficiency Test assesses the Chinese language proficiency of non-native speakers through written and oral tests. It contains 6 levels with the 6th level being the highest. Its primary goal is to determine a speaker’s abilities to use the Chinese language in academic and professional settings.

Test de connaissance du francais (TCF). The TCF is a language test recognized by the French Ministry of Education for non-native speakers to gauge their abilities to use French in their professional and daily lives. It includes levels A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2 with C2 being the highest. 

TestDaF. TestDaF or Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache is a standardized language test for non-native German speakers. It tests a candidate’s speaking, listening, reading and writing abilities and the grades for the test are TDN 3,4 and 5 with TDN 5 denoting the highest level of proficiency. 

Sample cases of our recruitment agency

Client is a shared service centre of an European MNC manufacturer. On a regular basis, we provided contract and permanent candidates for positions such as RTR, OTC , PTP, Master Data Analyst and Japanese Speaker with accounting background. We also provided flexibility with our temp-to-permanent staffing solution.

Client is a well-known international MNC. They were setting up their first shared service centre in Malaysia. Under phase 1 with a timeframe of 3 months, they had 20 accounting and finance vacancies. They also required several Japanese and Korean speakers with accounting background or experience to serve their subsidiaries in Japan and Korea.

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We have helped hundreds of employers in Malaysia solve their staffing and recruitment challenges through our unique solutions which provide our clients with immediate candidates, large talent pool, specialization and flexibility.

Immediate Candidates

We usually have candidates who are available and ready to be placed immediately for permanent or temporary positions. 

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We have a widely established network of talents which allows us to have access to top notch candidates for you. 

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There is actually more candidates for you to choose than you think. Discover more candidates who are not actively looking.

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Our community recruiters are usually candidates themselves in their respective specialization and industry.


We understand the requirements of your vacancies and most importantly, we know the kind of candidates you want. 


We can help you to adapt for seasonal, temporary or unexpected event through part-time, temporary or permanent placement.

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