Looking For A Recruitment Agency?

Whether you are recruiting permanent, temporary or contract staff, professionals or even executives for your organization, there will be hurdles at every step of the process. Not knowing where to look for candidates, finding that candidates lack the qualities you want and the perceived lack of qualified candidates in your area are just a few of the challenges you might face when trying to recruit someone into your organization no matter the position. 

If you need assistance with the recruiting process or just want someone to free you of all the worries that come with recruitment, approaching AG Staffing is the right solution for you. 

There are always individuals out there who are looking for job opportunities and there will be someone out there who fits the vacancy you have perfectly. However, you might not have the connections required to look for these individuals and picking the right job seeker to fill your vacancy out of a sea of them can seem like a daunting task to any organization. However, with the help of AG Staffing, this task can be simplified for you. We work hard to search for the perfect candidates for our clients and handle the complicated processes for you. 

Our Services

AG Staffing specializes in the staffing of accounting personnel. We were founded by an accountant more than a decade ago and as such, we have the background and experience necessary to understand the job requirements of various accounting positions. So, whether our clients are looking for accountants to handle their bookkeeping or executives such as CFOs to help them make financial decisions, we are able to help recruit accounting employees with the relevant qualifications and skills. We help businesses recruit not only permanent accounting staff, but also temporary and part-time accounting staff. So, clients can turn to us no matter what type of accounting staff they are looking to recruit.

AG Staffing also recruits across different functions and industries such as HR, IT, engineering, marketing, manufacturing and many more. Our recruitment services for these functions and industries range from the recruitment of junior level to C-level executives. 

In addition to permanent staffing, AG Staffing also provides staffing solutions for our client’s temporary staffing, part-time staffing, temporary-to-permanent staffing and interim management needs. 

Why Choose Us To Handle Your Recruitment Needs?

We have access to a large pool of candidates eager to fill your vacancies. Being an established recruitment agency in Malaysia means we have connections with a huge network of talent with experience and expertise in a wide range of fields. No matter how specific your recruitment needs are, we will be able to find the right candidate for you.

A key trait every organization is looking for nowadays is flexibility and our recruitment solutions can provide you the flexibility you are looking for. We understand that every recruitment is unique and sometimes, you will not be looking for a permanent recruitment. Sometimes, you just want someone temporary or part-time to help you through tough times or seasonal requirements. With our services, we can provide you with flexible arrangements with candidates so you can reduce the costs of hiring without sacrificing the quality of your employees.

Need to recruit on a short notice for something urgent but don’t know where to look for someone willing to answer your call immediately? Our recruitment agency can help with that. We can arrange for candidates who can be placed immediately whether the position is permanent or temporary.

Find out more about us here or contact us today to learn more about our staffing and recruitment services.