SSC 1 is a shared service centre of a multinational equipment manufacturer. Over the years we had provided temporary staffing and permanent recruitment for accounting, finance and data management positions.

Temporary Staffing

We placed temporary candidates for their RTR, PTP, OTC, and master data analyst positions for situations such as temporary cover for resignation, IT implementation and increased workload.

Temporary to Permanent

SSC 1 had also converted a few of our temporary candidates into permanent positions when there were suitable new job openings. The temporary placement allowed for thorough evaluation of the suitability and cultural fit of the temporary candidates before being converted to permanent employees.

Japanese Speaking Candidate with Accounting Background

We had also placed temporary Japanese speaking accounting candidate for their IT project implementation. To ensure competent Japanese proficiency, we targeted candidates who studied in Japan, with Japanese Language Proficiency Test, JLPT N1/N2 or had working experience in Japanese language.


SSC 2 is a shared service centre of a well-known international multinational. We were engaged as one of the two recruitment agencies to help them recruit for the vacancies in their newly set up shared service centre.

High Volume Recruitment

As it was a new shared service centre, it was a high-volume recruitment project with multiple positions across different job functions. We recruited successfully for most of the vacancies that were made available to us, including Japanese and Korean speakers.

Recruitment of Korean and Japanese Speakers

As the centre was set up to service a range of countries including Korean and Japan, we tapped into our Korean and Japanese networks to recruit for these positions successfully.

To ensure competent Korean proficiency, we targeted candidates who studied in Korea, with at least TOPIK 2 (Test of Proficiency in Korean) or had working experience in Korean language. We used similar approach to source for Japanese speakers.


Project Details

  • Category: Shared Service Centres (SSC) & Foreign Language Speakers
  • Service: Recruitment
  • Industry: Manufacturing & Trading
  • Location: Kuala Lumpur & Subang Jaya