Client is a professional company secretarial firm.

Position: Company Secretarial Manager


  • Management of Client Portfolios.
  • Provide timely Company Secretarial advice and functions for the Client’s Portfolio.
  • Manage, schedule, arrange and attend the Client’s Board and Board related committee, Management Committee and other selected working committee meetings.
  • Coordinate, compile and deliver Board Papers, Circular Resolution.
  • Prepare Board meeting minutes and resolutions, as well as their filing and management, ensuring lodgment to the relevant authorities and compliance with submission deadlines.
  • Handle and organise the Client’s Annual General Meeting.
  • Maintain regular communication with Client’s Shareholders and Directors, Investors, Analysts, Regulators and Management.
  • Prepare and file Client’s company’s annual return.
  • Update and maintain the Client’s statutory books and documents and ensure compliance with legislative and regulatory changes by Companies Commission Malaysia (CCM or SSM).
  • Update Companies Commission of Malaysia (CCM or SSM) about any changes in the company’s statutory information.
  • Manage internal departmental administrative tasks.
  • Assign and oversee subordinates’ job duties.
  • Reporting to Management.

The Candidate:

  • Company secretarial experience in public-listed and non-listed companies
  • Demonstrate proficiency in numerical, analytical, and interpersonal skills. 
  • Familiar and knowledgeable about the Companies Act 2016, relevant corporate governance practices, and other statutory requirements. 
  • Capable of interpreting and evaluating the implications of relevant laws, rules, regulations, guidelines, and standards that govern an organization’s operations and its interconnected functions.

Project Details

  • Category: Legal & Compliance
  • Service: Recruitment
  • Industry: Legal & Compliance
  • Location: Kuala Lumpur