Client 1: Public-listed group mainly in the plantation business

Position: Group Finance Manager (Corporate Finance & Group Reporting)

Job Description:

  • Assist with overall accounting functions for Holding Company and subsidiaries (Including foreign subsidiaries), which includes preparation of finance and management reports, annual budget planning and budgetary control, costing reports, fixed assets register, bank/accounts payable/accounts receivable/inventory reconciliations, stock and inventory recording, cash flow projection and taxation matters.
  • Ensure an accurate and timely monthly, quarterly, and yearly closing of accounts and submission of financial information.
  • Prepare consolidation accounts for Holding Company and subsidiaries.
  • Prepare and submit documents and reports in line with statutory, accounting, and taxation requirements.
  • Implement internal controls for the Company.
  • Conduct risk management and corporate governance assessments. Inform Management immediately if any inconsistencies and/or fraud are discovered.
  • Assist with all regulatory, legal matters, and tax compliance matters including tax computations, tax return submission, tax payments/refund, tax planning including GST/SST, and other tax matters for the Company.
  • Assist with secretarial matters and liaise with external company secretary for the Company.

The Successful Candidate

  • 5 years experience in group consolidation, reporting and corporate finance as group accountant in a listed company
  • 3 years experience in the accountant role of handling financial reporting, budgeting and tax in a listed company
  • 4 years of audit experience in a Big 4 audit firm
  • Member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA) and Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA)
  • Stay within the vicinity of client office

Client 2: Shared Service Centre of a multinational logistic group

Position: Finance Manager (Malaysia & Singapore)

Job Description:

  • Oversees the financial and accounting operations of the SG & MY company.
  • Responsible to meet the monthly, quarterly and annual reporting requirements of company.
  • Ensure completeness, accuracy and timeliness of operations in the general ledger, fixed asset and intercompany accounts, as well as treasury transactions and bank reconciliations from GBSC.
  • Review Monthly Balance Sheet Reconciliation and monitor all month end closing with GBSC teams.
  • Perform financial analysis and other management report based on the financial statement and operation data. To provide necessary final country adjustment journal proposal to GBSC as per timeline set by management.
  • Responsible for company’s finances, financial reports, and fulfil company’s local tax compliance and reporting obligations
  • Review and approve the payment proposal.
  • Monitoring cashflow position and follow up closely with GBSC.
  • Ensure internal control and compliance as per Group’s Policy. Work with Internal Audit and ensure all audit findings are monitor and close as per Internal Audit Report.
  • Ensure Audit, Tax, Company Secretarial requirements are meet in timely manner.
  • Work closely with GBSC team on day-to-day finance operation activities.
  • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned by the management.

The Successful Candidate

  • Had experience troubleshooting and working in dynamic and hands-on environments.
  • Had experience in using Microsoft Dynamics 365 in a shared service centre which was an important requirement for the client
  • Had experience in different senior and managerial accounting and finance roles supporting regional countries in a shared service environment
  • Was available immediately as candidate had resigned and was serving notice. This is an important consideration as this position was an urgent replacement position.

Client 3: Public-listed construction group

Position: Finance Manager

Job Description:

  • To reinforcement or cultivate of deadline submission.
  • To outline types of report to be submitted by each individual and deadline.
  • To manage claims and collection and inter company certification.
  • To review report submitted by individual then compile and generate a consolidated financial results for management
  • To monitor overall company budgeting and cash flow.
  • To submit project performance vs budget
  • To utilized of banking facilities monitoring.
  • To monitor of overall company status, turnover, revenue records, cash flow, various financial statistics.
  • To liaise with financial institution, procurement and monitoring of banking
  • To liaise with contracts / operation on projections of project cash flow, budget, payment, claims, expenses, to maintain a healthy financial situation.
  • To liaise with various authorities e.g. Income tax, tax agent, auditors, etc.
  • To submit yearly statutory submission and financial reporting, audit exercise etc.
  • To conduct department meeting.
  • To compile various financial reports for Senior Management.
  • To liaise with Clients to follow up on progress payment.
  • To monitor accounting software and data maintenance.

The Successful Candidate

  • Had many years of accounting experience in various construction industries
  • Had many years of experience in treasury and finance which were important requirements for this role as it involved project financing and bank facilities.
  • Had many years of experience in group consolidation and reporting
  • Member of Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA)

Client 4: Medium-sized food trading company

Position: Accounts Executive

The Problem

Client C is a medium sized food trading company, established more than 50 years ago. They had about 70 employees when they engaged us to handle the recruitment of accounts executive.

They had advertised for this vacancy for 2-3 months but they could not find a suitable candidate despite having decent number of applications. Their HR and the accounts manager had to spend a lot of time to go through the applications themselves.

Even though there were a few suitable candidates but they were unfortunately staying unconveniently far from the client’s office.

The Solution

As working distance was one of the main considerations of applicants, we focused our search on candidates who were staying within 10km radius from Client C’s office. As a result of our database and networking, we could shortlist suitable candidates for Client C within 1-2 weeks. Coincidentally, one of the candidates was just staying within walking distance from Client C’s office!

The Result

Our shortlisted candidates who were staying within 10km radius from Client C’s office made all the difference as one of them was recruited successfully.

Project Details

  • Category: Accounting Recruitment
  • Service: Accounting Staffing
  • Industry: Various
  • Location: Kuala Lumpur & Selangor