Part-Time Accounting Placement

Considering to outsource your bookkeeping but you prefer to keep your accounts and documents at your office? Our part time accounting staffing could be the solution.

We can send dedicated accounting candidates to client offices for customized number of hours for pre-determined accounting job scope.

Among the popular part time accounting job scopes and arrangements include preparation of full set of accounts, accounts receivables, accounts payables and bank reconciliation on weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Common part time accounting staffing job scopes

Full-Set Accounts

Full set accounts consist of accounting ledgers, accounts receivables, accounts payables and bank reconciliation, after which income statement and balance sheet can be generated.

General Ledgers

General ledgers refer to all the accounting ledgers of income statement such as sales, purchases and expenses as well as in balance sheet such as assets, liabilities and share capital.

Accounts Payables

Preparation of purchases, expenses, creditor accounts and processing of payments. It is important for keeping track of expenses against budget and amounts owing to creditors.

Accounts Receivables

Preparation of sales and debtor accounts. It is important for managing sales collection and credit control. An important aspect for tracking sales against budget and managing liquidity.

Bank Reconciliations

Reconciliation of incoming and outgoing funds in the bank statements with accounts receivables and accounts payables. Important for proper maintenance of receivables and payables.


Preparation of salary and statutory contributions such as EPF and SOCSO. Can be arranged according to your payroll calendar, for example during early, middle or end of the month.

Why Choose Us

We have helped hundreds of employers in Malaysia solve their staffing and recruitment challenges through our unique solutions which provide our clients with immediate candidates, large talent pool, specialization and flexibility.

Accounting Background

With our accounting background, we understand the job scopes and requirements of various accounting positions.

Immediate Accounting Candidates

We always have candidates who are available and ready to be placed immediately for part-time, temporary or permanent basis.

Large Accounting Talent Pool

We have a widely established network of accounting talents which allows us to have access to top notch candidates for you.

Accounting Specialization

We specialize in accounting staffing in a wide range of accounting and finance positions for organizations across diverse industries. 

10+ Years In Accounting Staffing

We have been in accounting and finance staffing for more than 10 years, servicing small, medium and large organizations.


Flexibility in adjusting your accounting and finance headcount for seasonal, temporary or unexpected event.

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