“They say today is what we really have”

AG Staffing is about honouring Today and what is in it. We believe that Today is not just a journey to tomorrow but being able to live fully in Today is in itself the destination. Our work in staffing and recruitment is our practice of being a better version of ourselves and living fully in Today.

Vision Mission
We start Today in enthusiasm and joy and finish Today in satisfaction and thankfulness
We strive to better ourselves, support others and live every Today to the fullest

The story of AG Staffing was started by a Chartered Accountant in 2011 as accounting staffing provider which eventually evolved into a full-fledged staffing and recruitment agency.

The AG Staffing brand is uniquely differentiated in the industry as a staffing provider with accounting background. We are part of AG Group, a fast-growing accounting and business group that supports companies and organizations in Malaysia and Singapore.

Businesses of all sizes can tap into our staffing and recruitment services to resolve situations ranging from a sudden increase in workload, temporary replacement and unplanned resignation to executive search for permanent middle to senior management positions.

We cater to the staffing needs of a wide-ranging clientele that includes private, public-listed and multi-national companies and organizations in different industries and sectors.

AG Staffing aspires to be a leading staffing and recruitment services provider that connects employers with candidates through our part-time, temporary, contract and permanent placement services in Malaysia and Singapore.